Looking for a simpler life, but not too simple…

Mobile Services

We offer a variety of services while on the road and we would love to work with you. We’ll happily travel for larger jobs or you can simply catch us as we pass through your area.

Contact both of us here.

Justin – The Jack-Of-All-Trades

When it comes to handyman work, Justin can practically do it all. But most importantly, he wants to empower you to do-it-yourself. That’s why any job he does he welcomes you to work alongside him, ask him questions and learn as much as you desire about the project.

His specialty is finish carpentry: crown molding, baseboards, custom shelving, etc. But he’s not limited to drywall and woodwork. Whether it’s a flooring installation, plumbing leaks or a raised bed garden, Justin can do it. The man is amazing and his skills vast. Contact him with any of your projects and we’ll answer your questions.

Paint, flooring, small engine or generator repairs, repairing leaky roofs, and more…renovating RV’s is Justin passion. He also loves finding the perfect RV’s for families to match their price range and ideals.

Do you have a diesel engine you want to convert to run on straight veggie oil? Justin is working with Green Eye Auto to install conversions. He travels to you to install and teach you all you need to know to run on veggie oil. Contact him for a custom quote.

Tara – The Jill-Of-All-Trades

Tara loves working *with* people to positively impact their lives or health and that’s evident in the work she does. From helping overcome physical pain, to simplifying your life or talking you through a major parenting transition, her heart is in making differences – big and small.

Tara is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist with nearly 10 years experience. Depending on your area and local laws, in-home massage therapy (chair or table) may be available. Group rates (think Girls Night In!) also available.

There is nothing more exciting than helping to initiate another person on their dreaded journey! She specializes in backcombing with crocheting to ensure super tight dreads, offers some light dread maintenance and even brings the mandatory tunes.

Downsizing your space, decluttering your “stuff”, organizing your cupboards or closets, arranging a yard sale, setting up a home management journal, simplifying your schedule, managing the details so you can enjoy life…this is the stuff Tara dreams about at night. She’ll probably pee her pants if you offer her these jobs.

If you’re ready to embrace life learning or even just mindful parenting, Tara can help provide support and answers on your journey. Read about it here for more info.

If you have questions or would like price quotes, please contact us here.


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