Looking for a simpler life, but not too simple…



I’ll tell you a little bit about my self. My name is Justin. I am 28 years of age, born in LaCrosse WI, and raised in Las Vegas NV. Husband to a wonderful, quirky, beautiful wife, Tara (aka TheOrganicSister) and father to a brilliant, self-educated, sensitive son named Zeb.

I love all things that go vroom, homebrewing, simple living, gardening, sustainable living, being with my family.

And long walks in the park. 😉

I’m blogging to keep a journal of our journey that we’re about to take.

Our family’s plan is to travel around the U.S. full-time, hopefully finding work on the road and eventually a new home and homestead. We have friends in NM with an organic farm that we hope to intern on, two of my old bosses have a business in Louisiana that I hope to work for, an uncle in Wisconsin that may have work and friends and family around the country that we plan to visit.

In September, we purchased an old beat-up 1982 Winnebago Brave, 22ft with a Chevy 6.2L diesel engine. [Insert manly grunt here.] Every since we purchased it, I’ve been working on it everyday after work, including painting the interior, building cabinets, installing wood flooring and shower and wall panelling, new power steering and fuel pumps, new tires, changing brake fluid, resealing the roof, resealing the windows, new black water tank (man, how fun that was), new countertops and tabletop, a new gas cap where a sock previously was, new shocks, numerous engines leaks, and new batteries.

Benny the Brave needs stencilling
Look, there’s the sock!

I’ve really enjoyed every minute of it. It’s become my second love.

Still on the To Do list for the RV: Install solar panels (ordered last week), straight veggie oil conversion (that hopefully I can partake in the installation of), and a few details Tara has to finish up inside. I also need to find a trailer for tools and my motorcycle (because I can’t go anywhere without my motorcycle), because the RV will not tow my truck.

Since I got laid off two weeks ago, I’m rushing to get everything done in hopes to get out of Vegas as soon as possible.

Tara has a Flickr set of more photos here. She won’t update it until all her work is done. 😛