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Chocolate cherry stout

Today is my favorite day of the month. That’s right, beer making day. This months special was a stout with hints of chocolate and cherry (my fave). Thanks to my friend Matt helping, it made it a breeze.

First up you have to get the water to 180 degrees.

heating water

after that I added the grains, and let that brew for about 20 mins.

grains boiling

Then removed from the heat and added the malt extract, and back to the heat to get it to a boil. Once it reached a boil I added 1 oz of New Zealand halter hops, and let that boil for 40 min. After that I added a 1/2 oz of American Summit hops for 20 mins with a dash of Irish moss flakes for clarity.

This is my friend Matt dropping the hops in.

adding hops

Next I chilled the wort (unfermented beer) in a container with ice, and a wort chiller till it reached 65 degrees. The wort chiller is 3/8 copper tubing that I drop into the beer, and hook up to a garden hose to filter cold water thru the wort to cool it, and then into a bucket to water the plants with.

lowering temp

This is me checking the temp.

checking temp

Next I filtered the wort into a glass carboy to let it ferment. Sorry I forgot to get a pic.

And voila you have fermenting beer.


From there I will keep it in a unplugged freezer for a week to keep it at a stable cool temp, and then transfer it to a secondary fermenter for another week. Then comes the pain: bottling day. I’ll bottle all the beer and let it sit for about 3 days then taste testing begins. Usually after 7 days the beer is ready to drink.

I get all my ingredients thru Seven Bridges. They are an organic brew company out of California with great customer service. I have been ordering my ingredients from them forĀ  almost 2 years and haven’t had any problems.