Looking for a simpler life, but not too simple…

What a terrible 2 days…

We finally made it to our first destination in Phoenix, AZ on Friday to hang out with a great unschooling family for the weekend.

Zeb has had so much fun hanging out with their 3 boys, riding bikes, and playing video games. Tara is having a hard time trying to get used to this lifestyle, but I think she will come around eventually. 😉 Saturday was so hot here; I would say close to 80 degrees. Oh, did I mention that our water pump went on the fritz Saturday? I messed with it and got it to work till Sunday morning when it was shower time and then it decided to keel over. Carlos, the dad we were staying with, was kind enough to give me a ride to the RV store for a new pump.

Sunday it rained all day, so of course one of the windows leaked and soaked our mattress. So I got drenched outside trying to fix it. I woke up Monday morning to a crack in the toilet and water everywhere again. So another trip to the RV store to get a new toilet. The good thing about the RV store is it had a free dump station and water to fill up the fresh water tank. I proceeded to dump, and then started to fill the fresh water tank  and the freaking hose came out and soaked me ( by that point I’m so pissed and fed up).

Finally after that we get on the road and made it to Tucson, AZ, Tara found a nice spot to boondock on some BLM land. We arrived and Zeb gathered wood for a fire and set up his Heroscape. Tara took a walk, and some pictures, and made some awesome pork tacos. I filled the veg tank, and caulked around all the windows in hopes of not having another leak.

I know tomorrow is going to be a better day. On to the City of Rocks National Park in the morning.


3 responses

  1. Look at the bright side…it can only GET BETTER from here, right? 🙂 Sorry it’s been a rough start. Hang in there!

    March 9, 2010 at 12:26 am

  2. Keep trucking man things will soon be all fixed. Great to see you guys on the road. Talk with soon brother.


    March 9, 2010 at 6:11 am

  3. Kim

    Justin, Tara and Zeb,

    Well, now all the kinks are worked out, I hope! I sure miss you around here, but Bear is very good company. Don’t feel bad about the rain, we got it here too.

    Be safe and enjoy yourselves. Call me sometime.



    March 10, 2010 at 11:13 am

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